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Demystifying Net Gauge: Protecting Your Swing and Your Sanity

Swing for the fences without compromising safety! Navigating the world of baseball netting can feel like batting against curveballs, but understanding net gauges is the key to hitting a home run on protection. So, step up to the plate with us as we unpack the different net gauges, break tests, and impact categories offered by All Sport Netting.

Gauging Your Needs:

  • Residential/Recreational: #18 (190lb break test) and #21 (245lb break test) nets are your go-to for backyard batting cages and home barriers. Think relaxed games with family and friends where errant fly balls are more likely to rustle leaves than crack windows.
  • High Impact: Need something tougher? #36 (365lb), #42 (435lb), and #48 (485lb) nets step up their game for commercial facilities, little league fields, and high school/college diamonds. These nets can handle more intense batting practices and competitive play.
  • Pro Level: #60 (695lb) and #96 (1135lb) nets are the professional league champions. Think batting tunnels for MLB stars, stadium backstops, and high-intensity training facilities. These nets stand up to the fiercest swings and protect spectators from even the most unexpected blasts.

Break Test Breakdown:

The “break test” refers to the weight (in pounds) it takes to break the net material. A higher number means a stronger net. Remember, a higher break test doesn’t always guarantee the best fit. Choose a net that matches your needs and the intensity of play.

Impact Category:

This helps you find the right net for the level of play and potential projectile speeds. Low-impact nets are perfect for casual backyard games, while high-impact nets are built for fastpitch practice and competitive play. Pro-level nets offer ultimate protection for professional swings and high-velocity pitches.

Choosing Your Champion:

Matching the right net to your needs is crucial. Consider:

  • Location: Backyard, little league field, commercial facility?
  • Intensity of play: Casual games, competitive matches, professional training?
  • Projectile speed: Slow pitches, fastpitch throws, professional swings?

Remember: A properly chosen net protects both players and spectators, preventing injuries and keeping everyone focused on the game.

Don’t Strike Out!

Our team of experts is here to help you choose the perfect net for your situation. Contact us today, and let’s build a safe and exciting space for your next batting adventure!

Happy hitting! From All Sport Netting

P.S. Bookmark this blog for a quick reference guide to net gauges and impact categories. You’ll be a net-picking pro in no time!

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